Suffolk Customer Story for Microsoft

I recently completed a trip to Boston, MA where I filmed a customer story on behalf of Microsoft through Scorch Agency LLC documenting the digital transformation underway at Suffolk. Suffolk caught the eye of Microsoft through their use of Surface and Surface Hub devices which are finding a place in conference rooms, on construction job sites, and general office use. You can read the full blog about their digital transformation on the Microsoft Real Stories of Digital Transformation page here.

For the production side this was another single operator project. I've come to trust the Canon C100 Mk II as my A camera because of its easy use. Given where the videos I shoot with it are used, it doesn't matter that the camera is a few years old - works like a charm. Many people have talked about the camera, so I don't need to go into much detail - suffice it to say I love it. For videos that are broadcast onto the web, this camera with an Atamos Ninja 2 is the perfect combination. 

I also use the Nikon D500 heavily. I'm not sure it's the best UHD DSLR on the market, but I've come to love it for the versatility it provides. The photo image that comes out is great, and the ability to film two switches and have a UHD ready video camera is a nice compliment for the C100. I typically through it on the slider during interviews and pack it away for Broll. 

The drone footage was not shot by me, but by the video producer for Suffolk - I really liked what he shot. 

The hardest part of the production was working with a Patriots fan. I'm a Seahawks fan.


Edited in Premiere Pro & After Effects

Cameras: Canon C100 Mk II & Nikon D500

Suffolk Customer Story.