Microsoft Surface & Photobooth Supply Co.

Over the summer of 2017 I had the opportunity to film a customer story on behalf of Microsoft through Scorch Agency LLC documenting how Photobooth Supply Co. uses Microsoft Surface Pro devices in their designs.

Quite literally the brain of their Photobooth design, which as of this writing holds the majority market share of between 20 & 30%, is a Surface Pro computer that runs both the camera attached on top and the software for sharing and printing photos. You can read the entire blog produced by the Microsoft USCMO team in Bellevue, Washington and Scorch. I produced the video which is linked below.

This project saw major use of the Nikon D500 in 4k UHD mode. After this production I switched to the Canon EOS Cinema line for ease of use. I still use my D500 all the time for photography and as a B camera. Edited in Premiere Pro.